Oberg Brothers Natural Beef
Oberg Brothers Natural Beef
Oberg Brothers Natural Beef
Oberg Brothers Natural Beef
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No Antibiotics and No Added Hormones
for Washington State only

Oberg Brothers Ranch is located near Havillah in the Okanogan Highlands. We have been raising Hereford and Hereford / Angus cross cattle for over fifty years. We have a closed herd. All of our cows and calves are born and raised on the ranch. These are grass-fed beef.

We have a fall calf operation, so our calves are born in September and October. In the winter we feed them our own hay that we put up in the summer. Starting in April, and running through October, they graze on our grass pastures and range lands. In September, the beef steers are one year old and are given special care.
We use straw often to bed them in the winter, and plenty of fresh water is always available. Starting in November, they are fed dry hay, which we produce. They are also given a grain mix for 45 days. We have this mix especially made for us and mixed with a little molasses. It looks like granola and the steers love it! The beef is lean, healthy, and has a delicious flavor.

Oberg Brothers Natural Beef

We are now taking orders year round ... please order one month in advance to ensure availability..

Oberg Brothers Beef, grass-fed,free-ranged Oberg Brothers Beef, grass-fed,free-ranged
Oberg Brothers Grass fed Beef Oberg Brothers Grass fed Beef


Please call or e-mail us Check payments only.

These prices include cutting and wrapping

Our butcher will cut and wrap the meat to your specifications.

Based on a 600 pound hanging weight:

Whole Beef:
600 x $3.85 = $2,310.00

Approx. 6 to 7 apple boxes of meat.

Half Beef: 300 x $ 3.95 lb. = $1,185.00
Approx. 4 apple boxes of meat.

Quarter Beef: 150 x $ 4.05 lb. = $ 607.50
Approx. 2 apple boxes of meat.

The quarter is a mixed quarter...you will get a little bit of everything ... New Yorks, Tenderloins, Rib Steaks, Roasts, Hamburger, etc.

Please note: The actual wt. of beef is around 55 to 65% of hanging wt. depending on how much you have deboned and ground. This figures to around $6.25 per lb. for everything once it is in your freezer.

We request a $100.00 security deposit which will be applied to your purchase. (You may make additional payments) and the balance is due once we know the hanging weight of your beef.

(Please note: the security deposit is non-refundable along with any additional payments towards your beef order.)

Our beef is professionally cut & wrapped to your specifications by our local butcher, Double S Meats in Tonasket. You can have the best steaks & roasts and the rest ground; or you can get all the traditional cuts. The choice is yours . You choose how thick you want your steaks and how many in a package. It's customized just for you!

Click on the “BEEF MAP” above to get more info. on the Cuts of Beef provided in the BEEF MADE EASY” flyer by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Beef Board. There also you will find our Guideline of what kind of cuts and how many of those cuts you would normally get in a typical half beef. Tina will be happy to help you with your cut and wrap information when ordering your beef.

Timmermans, Oberg Brothers Beef, free-ranged

The beef is dry aged for 15 days which adds tenderness and flavor. This is something that has become a thing of the past, and could be considered one of the biggest factors in the decline of the quality of retail beef.

We deliver year round (providing there are good road conditions) to the following locations: Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Colville, Spokane and towns in between.
There is a minimal charge per order for delivery.

Our beef is safe, healthy and natural.
We love this ranch and care about the cattle we raise.

Thanks for looking us up !

Mark & Tina Timmerman

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e-mail - timmerman@nvinet.com Supply is limited to stock on hand ! phone - (509) 485-3330

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