Customer name:__________________________________
Half Pork_____________select one item in each section
Whole Pork______________selct one item in each section

1. How thick would you like your chops? standard 1" thick.____________
2. How many chops would you like in each package?______________
3. What size would you like your roasts to be?____________

4. SPARE RIBS yes or no ______

5. LOIN MEAT: Chops or Baby Back Ribs or Roasts ______

6. SIRLOIN MEAT: Chops or Roast_______

7. SIDE/BELLY: Yes or No ___Whole or Sliced or Ground
(You can choose to have it smoked into bacon.
8. SMOKED BACON: Yes or No ___________Medium or Thick Sliced

9. PLAIN GROUND: Yes or No____
(You can choose to have your ground meat either plain or seasoned.)
10. Would you like your ground meat seasoned? _____
American Seasoning Breakfast Sausage does contain MSG

11. SHOULDER BUTT: Roasts or Steaks, or Country Style Ribs, Ground, or Shoulder Bacon (Kansas City Bacon)_____

12. SHOULDER PICNIC: Roast or Smoked Ham or Ground____

13. LEG: Roasts, Steaks, Pork Cutlets, or Smoked Hams___________

14. HOCKS/SHANKS: Whole or Ground or Smoked________________

15. BACK FAT: __________LEAF FAT: __________yes or no

Please Note: Smoking and Curing Fee: $1.75 per pound

If you have any questions please email, obergbeef@gmail.com,
or call Tina at 509-485-3330

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